Turn Your Hand to Anything with Bricklaying Course

Anyone with a flair for detail will appreciate brickwork and the variety of styles and patterns involved with the building of walls, chimneys, fireplaces, driveways and pathways as well as other structures. Being a bricklayer who is in demand requires a number of skills, and a good bricklaying course, designed by a qualified tradesman will provide all the knowledge and skills to take on bricklaying with confidence. There are many different bricklaying courses; some are short and designed for the hobbyist, while others are longer and equip the person with enough skills to gain employment in the trade.

Something to Show for Your Training

Bricklaying courses will provide the knowledge, understanding and skills you require and with research you'll discover the course which will put you at the level you want to be. There are some people who want a qualification in bricklaying and they look for a course which offers qualifications at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and also the far more involved NVQ qualification where the course can last for up to 8 weeks.

After the course is completed you will receive an accredited certificate which will enable you to work on a number of exciting and complex projects. A course for beginner bricklayers will include both practical, hands-on training as well as theoretical training and will typically include, among others -

  • becoming familiar with bricklaying tools
  • learning how to do patterned brickwork
  • learning how to mix mortar and how to spread and roll mortar
  • knowing the basics of bricklaying gauge, plumb and range and level
  • learning how to build brick corners
  • you'll learn how to build a solid wall Apart from the practical skills, the theory part will include -
  • learning about how to lay foundations
  • cavity wall specifications
  • inserting lintels and learning about the needles method of making an opening in an existing wall

Bricklaying is as vital and as relevant today as ever and with a good bricklaying course where you are familiarized with the materials, tool and knowledge, you'll seen be starting with exciting and challenging work that demonstrates your creative potential.