Plumbing courses

Plumbing courses that can be completed over a short amount of time and give you a government recognised qualification, are perfect for people who want to start an exciting new career, learn practical skills, or extend their knowledge and abilities. The plumbing courses are suitable for male and females of all ages, whether or they have ever done plumbing before. They are flexible, and can be taken to fit in with existing work schedules and commitments.

There are a number of very interesting units which are designed to make learning and practicing the skills of plumbing easy and enjoyable. The classes are held in small groups which means that you will have plenty of support and one to one time from your tutor. Not only will you have inspiration and direction from great trainers who have had years of experience and success in the trade, you will also have the back up of various forms of material information which you can read either online or in print form in your own time.

You will learn about: industry standard bending, jointing, and soldering pipes; design and installation for bathrooms, cold water cistern and hot water cylinder installment and radiator and radiator pipework installation. You will also be taught to be familiar with the legal criterion for water regulations and Part L regulations for efficient energy.

Throughout the course you will enjoy compiling evidence of the practical tasks you have undertaken; and these will be kept as evidence, and filed in your portfolio. All the units will have practical assessments that are evaluated by government recognised assessors. There are tests, but they are not complex in any way, and are only based on what you have done, and feel fully confident about. The test is multiple-choice, which makes it a lot more welcoming!